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Vytorin and Zetia® (ezetimibe / simvastatin and ezetimibe)

Recent news reports have focused on the controversy that’s enveloping two drugs that are known as statins, or cholesterol drugs. These medications are Vytorin and Zetia, which are two of the more prominent statins on the market today. However, serious problems are being encountered by those who depend on them to control their cholesterol levels, and below is a brief outline of how you should proceed if you are among those who is now at risk because of the issues that surround these medications.

Why is Vytorin and Zetia prescribed?

Vytorin and Zetia are lipid-lowering agents prescribed to reduce bad cholesterol and to reduce the risk of heart disease.

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What are the FDA approved uses for Vytorin and Zetia?

Vytorin and Zetia are approved to lower bad cholesterol levels by blocking a specific enzyme in the body that is involved in the synthesis of cholesterol.

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Vytorin and Zetia warnings and alerts

There are two specific issues linked to Vytorin and Zetia. The first is the side effects that have been linked to them, specifically an increased risk of serious liver damage and the development of rhabdomyolysis, a condition that tears away at the patient’s skeletal muscle structure. Each of these conditions can be fatal.

The second problem is the allegations of false advertising that claimed that these medications were superior to other statins, and that this advertising campaign led people to use these drugs, even though they cost more than their competitors and were shown in studies to perform at the same level as other drugs.

If you are experiencing any sort of abdominal pain or feelings of prolonged flu-like symptoms, you could have liver problems. If you are feeling symptoms of abnormal urine color (dark, red, or cola colored), weakness, aching or stiff muscles or tenderness, you also need to seek immediate medical attention.

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Vytorin and Zetia FAQs

Can I file a lawsuit if I have suffered damages from taking Vytorin and Zetia?

Possibly. While all medications have certain, anticipated side effects, a drug manufacturer has a duty to inform physicians adequately regarding the known risks associated with its drugs. If a manufacturer fails to do so, it can be held responsible to patients who are injured as the result of inadequate warnings, under a legal theory known as “product liability.” Depending upon the particular circumstances of your case, damages may include recovery for any of the following:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Past and future pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Emotional distress

If you or a loved one has experienced any health problems while taking Vytorin and Zetia, you should contact your doctor immediately. You may also wish to contact an experienced Vytorin and Zetia lawyer to discuss your legal options. As all legal claims are subject to time limits, however, you may risk forfeiture of your right to financial compensation if you delay.

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