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Wright Conserve Hip Implant

Significant scientific research and a number of adverse event reports have brought to light the fact that the metal-on-metal construction of the Wright Conserve artificial hip joints can lead to serious injury and early hip implant failure. Patients suffered pain, immobility, or even hip implant revision surgery after being fitted with a potentially defective Wright Conserve hip.

Stryker Hip Implants

The Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II are popular hip replacement implants.  However, as a result of a faulty metal-on-metal design, these two models of Stryker hip joints have been recalled. This does not help the thousands of patients who have already suffered or have undergone (or will need to undergo) hip replacement revision surgery to replace the faulty implants.

Depuy Hip Implants

Hip injury and pain are serious matters. After all, hips are the largest ball-and-socket joint, designed to stabilize and support the weight of the entire body. Today there are a range of range of treatment options giving hope to those with hip pain. Unfortunately, there have been a number of cases recently where patients have suffered serious pain, injury, and even had to endure another hip implant surgery after being implanted with a defective Depuy ASR and Pinnacle hip implants.