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Meridia Heart Attack Warning from FDA

Meridia is a drug that’s manufactured by Abbott Laboratories, and for many years it has been one of the leading medications in the world for people who were fighting obesity.  Obesity has been a growing problem in the United States for several years, and those who are obese can face other very difficult health problems as a result of this underlying condition.  It’s estimated that as many as 8 million people have used Meridia worldwide since it was originally approved by the FDA and introduced to the market in 1997.  Unfortunately, the drug eventually began to generate reports of problems in those who had used it, and Meridia side effects lawyers began to take notice and enforce the legal rights of their clients.

Meridia Side Effects Lawyers – First Wave of Problems Arise

After a few years on the market, the first reports of serious Meridia side effects began to make their way into the media.  These Meridia side effects were serious, and similar reports prompted the banning of the sale of Meridia for a time in Italy.  These Meridia side effects included:
  • Primary Pulmonary Hyptertension (PPH)
  • Heart valve damage
  • Heart attacks
  • Cardiac valve dysfunction
  • Death
Of these initially reported Meridia side effects, PPH was the condition that drew the most attention because it was otherwise rare, easy to miss because of its symptoms being similar to other problems and progressive to the point where it was often too late after PPH was diagnosed.  However, additional problems have recently arisen regarding Meridia side effects.

Meridia Side Effects Lawyers – The New Problem

While all of these reports of Meridia side effects were surfacing, the FDA only went as far as issuing a preliminary statement that it wanted to see the results of a large Meridia study that was in progress.  That study is nearing its completion, and the first set of conclusions are becoming available.  What seems to be the most prominent conclusion that’s been released at this point is the troubling tendency for those who have a history of heart problems to face a high risk of a heart attack if they use Meridia. As a result of this finding, the FDA has announced that all containers of Meridia must now contain a warning that specifically states that patients with any history of heart problems face this higher risk of a heart attack.  This requirement is one of the more serious steps that the FDA can take, and at this point there’s no telling how many people with a history of heart problems have used Meridia without the knowledge that they were facing this possible result.

Meridia Side Effects Lawyers – How to Proceed

If you or someone you love has been harmed as a result of using this medication, you need to contact the Meridia side effects lawyers at Phillips & Associates as soon as possible to schedule a free initial consultation.  The firm has helped those harmed by defective drugs for many years, and you need to protect your legal rights if you’ve suffered from Meridia side effects.  Contact the firm today.